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Zai Jian 2015

Well, there goes another year. Every time a new year rolls around, my initial impression of the past year is that it was pretty uneventful compared to previous years. Then I go through my blog archives and think about what has happened, and I realize that it has been, again, a pretty monumental year.

First some highlights:


As expected, dating was a big theme this year. I started out with a new relationship and ended the year with a failed attempt at another. I definitely had a fantasy that I would fall in love with the first person I met and settle down with her, but that's not how it happened. Still, it feels good to be dating again and I do feel like I'm moving towards finding someone to settle down with.

Lessons Learned From Day 3 of Being a Temporary Stay-at-Home Dad

On Military Dad

We're now in the home stretch! My wife's plane will land in about 24 hours, and I'll be able to regain my position as weird guy that leaves the house for half the day and then tickles the kids (and sometimes the wife) when he gets home. Please forgive any typos in today's post. I'm currently suffering from an extreme case of sleep deprivation which I'll talk all about in the failures section. I'm not 100% sure my keyboard is even plugged in at the moment.

Archive: Day 1, Day 2

What I Learned

Little Dude Really Likes Bacon - I kind of new this because he's the only one in the house besides me that will eat it, but I was surprised by the extent. I made pancakes and bacon for dinner last night, and he was excited because he got to help. I set the bacon down on the table and then went to get the pancakes. By the time I got back 30 seconds later, he had already eaten two pieces and two other pieces were sitting on his plate...I only made five pieces.

He's Not Actually Asleep - After he went to bed, I took care of a few things around the house. Finishing those, I went to check on him and saw that he was sleeping in the completely peaceful and adorable way that he has. Therefore, I sat down on the couch to watch a little television. I was about 20 minutes into the show when I happened to look over my shoulder and see him sitting at the top of the stairs watching with me. Since I happened to be watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I think there's about to be a lot more words that I'm going to have to explain to his mother.

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