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2015 Dating Update

It's more than halfway through the year, which means I'm overdue for an update on my dating situation. If you're just tuning in now, I took three years off dating with the intention of looking for a serious relationship, starting January 1st 2015.

Thanks to an introduction from a reader, I met a fantastic girl who I dated for a little over four months. I don't want to say too much about the relationship, mainly because I don't think she wants to be splashed around the blog. I will say that I think that the blame for us not working out falls squarely on my shoulders, and while I think that breaking up was the right decision, I'm certainly not sure.

If I'm honest, my motivation to date is really low. It's one thing to declare it as my first priority, and it's another for it to actually be the driving force in my life. It's definitely not.

Something critical I've realized through my re-entry to dating is that I'd rather be single than date someone I'm not extremely excited about. Just finding someone I'm excited enough about to go on a first date is very difficult. I've never actually met someone through a cold approach who I thought could be a long-term partner, and my online dating screen leaves me about half a dozen girls in any major city.

Going Home: What is a Teenager... Continued.

On Chocolate Milk in a Wine Glass

I've survived my first three months in college. This is the longest I've been away from home. I think I've done pretty well! I like it here. I like my school, I like my classes, I like my friends, I like the responsibility, I like this.

But I go home in 3 days for Thanksgiving and I'm really excited about it. I wouldn't say I've missed my parents, because I haven't been feeling their absence in my life here. I've definitely missed a friend (who I'm so excited to see again that I squeal spontaneously when I remember how soon it is). His presence in my life has been felt. But I don't think I've missed my parents. But I'm still excited to see them again.

What is that feeling? Often, missing someone is characterized by immense sadness due to their absence, and then extreme joy when they are once again present. I only have half of that. I'm just really excited to see what they've been up to. I'm excited to see how much weight my dad has lost since I last saw him. I'm looking forward to teasing my mom about how much grayer I will claim she looks to me. I'm excited to hear stories about what they've been up to. I want to hear my mom tell stories ridiculing my dad for doing something stupid. I want to hear my dad tell stories poking fun at my mom's manic time-traveling driving style. I want to know how they've been and what they've been up to. But I don't miss that instant feedback in my daily life.

I don't miss listening to my dad talk about his day at work every evening at dinner. I don't miss my mom's enthusiastic babbling about the books she's reading when she comes home from her Book Study every Wednesday afternoon. I don't miss explaining to them the most interesting thing I saw in school that day. I don't miss those constant rituals we went through as a family. But I am still excited to hear about all of the interesting things they've encountered while I was away.

I'm sure they're more excited to hear my stories about all the people they don't know and all the places they haven't seen and all the things they haven't learned. But I want to know about their lives too!

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