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How to Love Living in Las Vegas

I absolutely love living in Las Vegas. Even if cost was not a factor, I would choose living there over any other city in the world (ok, I'd have to think hard about Tokyo). This generally surprises people who don't live in Las Vegas (and even some who do), and would have surprised me at least a little bit if you had told me a few years ago that I'd feel this way.

Unlike some other cities, though, it's not obvious why living in Las Vegas is so great. The strip is indeed so flashy and glittery that it tends to leave everything else in its shadow. But lots of what makes Vegas great is outside of the strip.

Even though I love it regardless of cost, I have to mention cost to put everything in context. Vegas is an extremely inexpensive place to live. Housing is dirt cheap, there are no state income taxes, and just about everything else you'll pay for is cheaper than other cities, too. The tourism industry effectively subsidizes the entire city, so you get a great value.

Money aside, here's how to love living in Las Vegas:

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