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On Tynan

It's got to be on millions of people's bucket lists. It was on mine, too. My friends and I were going to Jordan, and my one must-do was to go to Petra, the famous city carved from rock in a canyon. And yet, as we were about to go, I didn't want to go anymore.

Going just didn't sound that interesting to me. I imagined making the three hour drive, looking around, being unfulfilled, and then coming back.

The night before, I felt the same way about going to the dead sea. It was cold, and all I wanted to do was sit in the warm car. Even as I paid my $15 and shivered my way down to the water, I told everyone I wasn't going to go in because the water would be too cold.

A few days later we arrived in Egypt. I tried to get excited, but mostly I was looking forward to our flight out of there to the next place.

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