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If You Travel, Switch to T-Mobile

A real love fest went down in the strip mall off the highway in Santa Cruz. We stopped for lunch, at Chipotle of course, and I saw a T-Mobile store. One of my todo items for the following (overloaded) Monday, was to go to T-Mobile and enable wifi calling. But, hey, it's not often you just happen to find yourself in the same parking lot as an open T-Mobile, so may as well get it done early.

As we took care of my business, Justine asked them if she had wifi calling on her plan, too. She didn't, but they could easily upgrade her plan. And that's when I started getting really excited for her, because she was about to get The Greatest Phone Plan Ever.

If you are a traveler who lives in the US, you pretty much need to be on T-Mobile. It's not like Android vs. Apple where there are pros and cons to each-- T-Mobile is just that much better that there's really no comparison. A few reasons why:

1. Free International Data

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