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Choosing How to Invest Time and Money

Partially because of my previous two posts about managing your finances like a billionaire and because of the obvious impact of of coronavirus on CruiseSheet, I've gotten a lot of emails recently around money and finance. I realized that there's one missing piece that I may not have talked about much before, but which may be valuable to readers.

We all have infinite ways to spend and invest our money, and since it's a finite resource, it's important to make sure that it's managed in a way that will bring maximum benefit (whether to us personally, our families, the world around us, etc).

I think most people do a pretty bad job of this. They have no idea why they're saving money (and thus usually don't save much), and they spend money like everyone else spends money, gaining only accidental overlaps with what would benefit them most.

The way I manage and spend my money is based on two fundamental principles (which could change over time as my preferences change, and are not the same as they were 5 years ago)

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