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The World's Most Expensive Manicure

As some of you may know, I paint my nails silver. Why? Everyone always asks, but the real answer is just because I think it's cool.

When I read this article about platinum nailpolish I was really excited. The polish is called "I do" by Essie.One of my favorite things is excess, so I figured $250/ year to have my nails coated with real platinum was a bargain. I had the Amex concierge call around to try to find me a bottle, and they reported back that the only place to get the polish was at the Wynn in Vegas. Not only that, but you can't just buy a bottle of it. You need to get their very expensive manicure which includes the bottle. So yesterday I headed over to the Wynn to get it done.

The salon in the Wynn is gorgeous. It's huge and very well decorated. As they do at many spas, they offered me a drink. I don't drink, so I got water. It always strikes me as a weird offer, though. I manage to take a few sips, and then my hands are being worked on for a little over an hour, making it impossible to drink the water.

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