The Shower Movie Theater


I take long showers, or at least I used to before I lived in an RV. I always put the water a little too hot, then get in and face away from the shower because the water is too hot for my chest. Fifteen minutes later I realize that I’ve been staring into space while enjoying my vertical hot tub, and then finally start taking a shower.

Yeah, it’s not ecofriendly, but I’m making up for it now that all of my power comes from the sun.

Anyway, back when I had a house I realized two things:

  1. My showers are about twenty minutes long
  2. I’m wasting time when I’m in there

So, I decided to rig up a way to watch TV shows while I was in the shower. I got an old projector and set it up on the counter across from the shower. Then I cut out a rectangle of an old sheet and taped it to the glass shower door. I hooked the projector up to my computer, reversed the image, and connected some speakers.

Here’s the final result, taken on a crappy camera phone:


How did it work? Pretty poorly. The image was too close, and when I was consciously watching TV in the shower it really seemed like a waste of water. Still, I love doing funny little projects like this. I came across the pictures the other day and laughed, so I had to post them.

And, as a bonus, because this is a short post, here is a picture of me wearing a hot dog mascot costume, dancing at a roller derby match (thanks to Dave Brett for setting that one up!): 

Tynan as HotRod Dog

(I swear I wrote a post about that, but I can’t find it. If no one remembers it, I’ll write about it)


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