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  • How to Be Secure

    How to Be Secure

    Why are some people secure while others aren’t? Is it because they deserve or don’t deserve to be secure? There are enough obvious counter-examples to that idea to dismiss it immediately. Is it genetic? Maybe partially, but many people have switched from being secure to insecure or vice versa. I’d argue that being secure is…

  • What You Should Know About Buying Light Bulbs

    What You Should Know About Buying Light Bulbs

    Last summer I got to travel to Uzbekistan with some friends from the area, and we were randomly invited to visit the house of one of the five richest families in the country. However incredible you may imagine the house, I promise you it was even more amazing. The courtyard could have fit several tennis…

  • How to Be Carefree

    How to Be Carefree

    One of the greatest luxuries in life is to not have to worry. This isn’t possible for all people at all times, but there are things all of us can do to be more carefree, especially those of us who have only “first world problems”. Be very deliberate about taking on obligations. The obvious example…

  • Your Past

    Your Past

    I was one of the very lucky ones, though it took me a long time to understand just how lucky I was. I grew up with loving parents, siblings with whom I never fought, very involved grandparents, and a bunch of cousins who I count as close friends today. I made friends with incredible people…

  • Turn Maybes into Wins

    Turn Maybes into Wins

    We all want good things to happen in our lives. Sometimes these good things stem from obvious wins that can be picked up easily, like accepting a new job offer or going on a second date when a first date went well. In thinking about which events in my life were most positively impactful, however,…

  • Your Time Scale

    Your Time Scale

    We make hundreds or thousands of subconscious decisions each day, but just because they’re subconscious doesn’t mean that we have no influence on them. Quite the opposite, they are actually dictated by our principles and the lenses through which we view the world. By changing those things we can automatically and effortlessly make better decisions.…

  • Why I Love Escape Games (Even in VR)

    Why I Love Escape Games (Even in VR)

    My friend Michiru was very excited about a new thing that some of her Japanese friends had brought to San Francisco. It was called a “puzzle break room” and her description of it made absolutely no sense to me. She kept insisting that I would love it and that I absolutely had to go, but…

  • A Basic Formula for Contentedness

    A Basic Formula for Contentedness

    A friend and I were discussing food. I told him that I didn’t care about food, and he laughed and said that I cared more about food than anyone he knew. I am so obsessed with ingredients and quality and wouldn’t eat at a lot of restaurants. I thought about it and realized that he…

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  • What I’ve Learned By Doing the NY Times Crossword 800 Days in a Row

    What I’ve Learned By Doing the NY Times Crossword 800 Days in a Row

    Before getting into this post, I should come clean: there was actually one friday about 450 days ago where I thought that I had already done the day’s puzzle but I hadn’t. So far that reason I haven’t actually done the puzzle 800 days in a row, but rather 800 days with one day missing.…