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Finding Purchasing Sweet Spots

Feedback I get often is that I do a lot of crazy things that are really fun, but that they aren't practical for normal people. I understand where this comes from. I marvel almost every day at how very good my life is, and how if I didn't already have it, it would seem unattainable. Besides the things that actually matter, like having a great family, wife, and friend group, I get to live in several places across the world, drive a cool car, and generally do whatever I want.

If you're rich, these things would all be very easy to do. But if, like me, you're not rich, you have to rely on finding sweet spots. This has essentially always been the case for me because I've always been frugal and have always had tastes that exceeded my means by normal standards.

A sweet spot is a situation or combination of situations that gives you something that seems like a luxury at a value that most people wouldn't believe.

I bought a two bedroom condo less than fifteen minutes from the strip for under $50,000. I bought an island with a close group of friends for under $10,000 each. I bought my dream car, a Bentley, for $22k.

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