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Superhuman Social Skills is Now Available! Free Today Only on Kindle!

Whew! Superhuman Social Skills is Officially available!

I'd like to hype up this book and tell you how proud I am of it, and how much early readers have liked it, but instead I'll do you one better. If you're reading this on Tuesday September 29th, the book is available for free! Please download it and read it and love it.

Of the books I've written, I think this may be the one with the highest potential to impact lives. I hear all the time about how my other books have changed people's lives, so I'm especially excited to hear about the results from this one. I know firsthand just how important and wonderful it is to have good friends and to be able to get along with people effortlessly, and I'm excited for other people who are working on those things to get there a little quicker.

The book is written in short blog-like chapters, and it covers everything from starting conversations, being comfortable in social situations, making friends, being a good friend, and building your friend group. It's all stuff I do, and a lot of it has never been written about before, as far as I can tell.

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