Superhuman 4.5 in August

My live event, Superhuman 4.5, will be held in Las Vegas on August 14th and 15th (with an optional meetup the night before).

Reflecting on the changes brought about by the pandemic, one of the things I missed most was doing these Superhuman events. They’re a ton of fun and very gratifying for me to see people make breakthroughs and connections with other people.

Superhuman events are largely centered around working with you directly on your biggest goals or obstacles and making sure that you leave with a clear and actionable plan that will achieve the results you want. You will also leave with an accountability buddy who understands what you are working on and who will encourage you and make sure you succeed.

Besides those core takeaways, you will most likely leave with a new group of friends and new perspective on issues that other people brought up. It’s a very unique event and is hard to describe, but I guarantee that it will be of great value to you. So far the average rating for each post-event survey has been over 9/10.

I limit these events to 10 people because it’s important that everyone gets enough time focused on them. The cost is $1500. Expect two very long days (10am to 9pm+ with a few breaks), plus an optional 1 hour meet-and-greet the night before.

Interested? Send me a brief bio so that I know where you’re coming from and what you’re working on. If it sounds like a good fit, I will send you additional information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

To apply email me at event at tynan dot net. It’s very likely that the event will sell out, as many spots are already full from Superhuman 4 attendees who didn’t want to come to the mid-pandemic makeup date (that’s also why it’s called 4.5 and not 5).


Photo is from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup semi-finals. I’ve never been into sports, but I’ve been going to the games here in Vegas and it’s a blast. Seven of us are going to the game on Tuesday!

Now that more people can visit Vegas and I can travel more, my calendar is getting full. I hope to do a Tea Time again soon, but I’m not sure when.






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