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Create a Stable Life, not a Stable Job

Just a few months ago I was talking to a new flight attendant about her job. I remarked at what a stable job it was, since people always need to fly, they have strong unions, and the airlines are big. Now she's waiting to be furloughed once the conditions of the bailout money allow it. Luckily she has a very stable financial situation and life, so being furloughed won't have a huge effect on her, except for putting her career on pause.

Life is full of people chasing the ghosts of things that used to exist. Just look at those who want things to be like they were in the 50s. One such ghost is a stable job. There are relative degrees of stability, and I'm sure there are some jobs that are still mostly stable, but the average job in the US these days is not stable. If you value stability there's nothing wrong with looking for the most stable job you can find, but you must accept that it may disappear.

Before you join the ranks of those who want to go back to the 50s, think about what this loss of stability has given us. Now we have way more flexibility and the ability to create our own jobs through entrepreneurship or gig working. It's not good or bad, it's just different.

Most people build lives around the presupposition of a stable job. They save very little money and think of their salary as monthly credits which they can use to pay off financing for whatever it is they want to buy. This works pretty well as long as they keep their job, because it's a very easy formula (money in = money out) and it allows them to maximize their immediate pleasure.

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