Read the First two Chapters of Life Nomadic for Free NOW! + A Contest


As I mentioned last week, I’m about to release the book version of Life Nomadic! It’s just over 150 pages of travel related awesomeness. Here are some of the many topics I talk about in it:

  • Making the transition to a nomadic life
  • Why to be a nomad
  • How to get 40% off (or more) on most flights
  • How to live on a luxury cruise ship for hostel prices.
  • How to find apartments, hostels, and couches.
  • How to find things to do
  • How to effectively plan a trip, both short term and long term
  • How to make money while traveling
  • How to pack / buy gear/ etc.

My goal when writing the book was to make it ESSENTIAL reading for any traveler or nomad, but also for it to be VERY valuable to even the casual traveler or for someone who doesn’t travel at all (by sharing interesting stories and life philosophies). Some parts of the book cover topics I’ve covered here, but almost all of it is brand new.

Anyway, I’ll go more into detail when I release the book on MONDAY 10/5. For now, enjoy reading the first two chapters. But first….


You can win a free copy of the book just by leaving a comment on this post. If you win, I’ll send you:

  • A FREE copy of the ebook on Friday, three days before it’s released to the public
  • A FREE autographed copy of the paperback when I release it (might be a while…)

All you have to do is reply in the comments with ONE of the following:

  1. Your favorite piece of travel gear
  2. A travel tip or hack I might not have heard before
  3. A SHORT travel story

I’ll pick two of my favorites and send the whole book on Friday to the winners.


You can download a PDF of the preview here. Or you can read it below in tiny font:

EDIT: Congratulations to Tim (duct tape pen) and Arun (Sex in the City infiltration) for winning! Thanks to everyone else for entering. It was really hard to choose winners because there were so many good submissions! Make sure to check back on Monday when I release the full book.


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