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Reflections on 90 Days of Not Traveling

I don't keep very close track, but last year I went through emails and discovered that I had purchased about 100 plane tickets for that year. Many were short hops to reposition and sometimes one trip would be three different tickets, but still-- that's a lot of travel. And now, I've flown twice in the past three months. Once to help my mom move across the country and once to visit some quarantining friends in Florida.

If you'd asked me a year ago what the chances were that I would fly only two domestic trips in three months, I would have said about zero. And yet... here we are.

It's rare to get such a big change in behavior, so I thought I'd write about a little bit, as much for future me as for you.

The biggest surprise is that I really like it. The first week or two was novel. The next two weeks had me searching the map to see if there was anywhere I could justify going, knowing that the answer was no. And since then I've been loving it. Paradoxically I can't wait to travel again and know that I will as soon as I can, but I also sort of hope the lock down keeps going for a while.

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