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Why I Only Travel with Ten Pounds of Stuff

Whether you think I'm a minimalist or maximalist isn't important to me. In some ways I am quite minimalist, but in others I'm the opposite. I have a lot of teaware, for example. Way more than I really need. But when it comes to packing, I don't think there's much debate. I pack very lightly.

My bag currently hovers right at ten pounds. It's actually at ten and a quarter, which is essentially ten, but doesn't allow me to claim single digits, which would be exciting for no good reason at all.

I pack lightly not because I am a minimalist and must conform to some set of ideals, but because packing lightly is objectively a better way to travel. Almost everyone agrees with this, including heavy packers who "should really get rid of some of this stuff."

Packing lightly is better because it enables you to do more, and traveling is fundamentally about doing. If you don't have checked baggage, you can abandon legs of your flight, which gives you more flexibility. If you have only one carry-on, your hands are always free. If your bag is under twenty pounds or so, you probably won't mind carrying it on long walks or even hikes. If your bag is around ten pounds, you barely notice that it's there anymore.

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