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How to Nail a Long Layover

When I'm booking a flight, I don't search by shortest duration, I sort by longest. My favorite flights are those that include one or more really long layovers during the day in an interesting location.

Earlier today I hiked up Diamondhead, ate a Hawaiian burger, waded into the ocean at Waikiki, and visited the Honolulu Art Museum. But I'm not on vacation in Hawaii, I'm on a six hour layover on my way to Tokyo.

My favorite way to do a long layover is to have a big list of things I want to do, and then hit them at whatever pace I feel like. I want to avoid wasted time at all cost, but not rush myself.

We rented a car in Hawaii, which is almost always worth it in these situations. For $40, we were able to avoid any sort of waiting around or having to conform to time tables. We did things like lunch and the hike, where we'd have only limited control over our schedules, early so that we wouldn't end up in a situation where we haven't got the check yet and we have to hustle back to the airport.

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