Krunkaoke Disaster

Terry and I went to Krunkaoke as usual, but things didn’t quite go quite right.

I decided to change one of the verses to one of my own design. The plan is to slowly keep doing that until I’m just doing original songs and basically get to practice having a concert.

Also exciting was Terry’s new rap name : T-Nugget. This allows us to replace “nigga” with “nugget” which sounds close enough that songs sound good.

Terry lives pretty close to Krunkaoke, but he always drives up to my house first. Then we practice in the car until we get there.

I guess we didn’t practice enough, though. In the middle of my verse I forgot a line and messed it up. I cut out of most of the embarrassing awkward part, but you can see the beginning of it in this video. Then on my last verse I was so frazzled from the error that I made several more.

It was my worst week so far, so next week I return with a vengeance. Here’s the video :

Nap time now… when I wake up – more updates!



  1. Man, happened to come across this blog and I can’t tell you how this makes me miss home. If you’re ever in SA check out Martinis for fun Karaoke. I was there a few weeks and had the time of my life. I said I was from Hollywood and they thought they were going to get the next American Idol. Hahaha. So when are we going to hear about the secret tunnels below UT?

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