Hey Jerkface, Why Haven’t You Been Updating?

Good question.

I don’t really have a great answer, though. Last night I had nearly finished Part 3 of the pickup artist story (keep in mind every article takes me 1-2 hours to write), and then my stupid computer crashed and I lost the whole thing.

The other problem is that although I was kicking ass and I didn’t oversleep for three days straight, I then got cocky and did a really hard workout. The result? I’ve been exhausted for the past two days, and both times I overslept through the time that I had designated for writing an entry.

I would do it right now, but I’m picking my friend Phil up in San Antonio. Why isn’t he just flying down here or renting a car? I dunno. In fact, my car only gets about 11mpg, so it’s pretty retarded for me to go pick him up. But… he’s a really good friend and has always gone out of his way to help me out, so I don’t really mind. I plan on calling some people back (I’m notorious at being bad about calling people back) and also learning some French in the car.

I saw the funniest thing in the world two days ago. I went to Karaoke (not Krunkaoke, unfortunately) and it’s hosted by this hilarious Korean guy who is simultaneously the most vulgar person I’ve ever seen. Besides swearing at everyone, calling everyone a gayboy (no, not just me), and screaming at people to shut up whenever he’s talking, he also announced over the microphone that he needed to know which of the ladies in attendance were on their period, described in exquisite detail how a blow job SHOULD be performed, and even offered to take off his pants if a girl would take off hers. Yeah.

If you want to see this masterpiece, and you should, and you’re in Austin, then go to DK Sushi on Monday nights. Of course… don’t go this next Monday. He made it very clear that It’s VIP only and NONE of us (other than the hot [?] girls) are invited.






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  1. Tribulus Avatar

    Any comments on Mystery Method’s boot camp? Did anyone go?

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