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Having Enough and Wanting More

I have everything I could possibly need. I have a really cool house-on-wheels, enough good food to keep me healthy and full, great friends and family, enough money to travel around a bit, computer, etc. By any reasonable definition, I have enough.

Yet I want more. The background of my computer is a Piper Malibu, a really cool six-seater airplane that has a pressurized cabin and a pretty decent range for a small plane. I'm a little bit sick of looking at it, but I told myself I was leaving it as my wallpaper until I owned one. I want it.

I get emails about this, once in a while. Aren't we supposed to be content with what we have and not desire anything? Aren't we supposed to go go go and conquer the worldd and become fabulously wealthy? Which one is it?

I've thought a lot about this, about what the optimal mindset to have is, and I've worked on adopting that mindset myself. I think that it is best to be fully content with everything you have, to really appreciate it and realize how lucky you are to have ANYTHING, yet alone everything you have, and to be fully ready for it to disappear in a moment without affecting your happiness. At the same time, I think that it's healthy to want everything, knowing that you'll have no attachment to it.

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