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Attainable Excellence

By strange coincidence, I know a lot of people starting restaurants. Some are friends, some are family members, and some I've just gotten to know because I eat at their restaurants all the time. One is a world class chocolate company, another is a pizza place, another is a shave ice stand, and another is a sushi chef.

They all have two things in common. First is that they are absolutely world class. I travel enough and eat enough food that I know what's good and what isn't, and all of them are literally as good as it gets within their field. The second thing that they all have in common is that they didn't have backgrounds in food.

Once or twice is a fluke, but to see so many world class food companies start from inexperienced people really got me thinking.

I noticed that they all had the exact same approach. They all sourced the very best ingredients possible. The shave ice is all organic fruit and sugar, with no flavors or dyes. The pizza place cold-called the most famous meat supplier and got them to make them a special pepperoni blend. The sushi chef, who operates out of his mom's house, flies in the best ingredients from around the world.

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