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Why I Love Escape Games (Even in VR)

My friend Michiru was very excited about a new thing that some of her Japanese friends had brought to San Francisco. It was called a "puzzle break room" and her description of it made absolutely no sense to me. She kept insisting that I would love it and that I absolutely had to go, but I only reluctantly agreed to go when she wrangled a free ticket for me.

She was right. The hour where I tried and failed to solve the puzzles went by in a flash and I was left wishing there was another one that I could do immediately.

Fast forward five or so years and I've probably done at least one hundred puzzle games. I've done over fifty in Budapest alone. When I'm with my other escape game friends we set fastest time records a good 20% of the time or so.

Escape games are absolutely one of my top few favorite forms of entertainment, and the problem I now have is that it's hard to find good ones that I haven't done in the cities that I visit. You would think that after doing so many I would have seen everything, but the truth is that almost every game I do has some element that I haven't seen before, often many of them.

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