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A Basic Formula for Contentedness

A friend and I were discussing food. I told him that I didn't care about food, and he laughed and said that I cared more about food than anyone he knew. I am so obsessed with ingredients and quality and wouldn't eat at a lot of restaurants.

I thought about it and realized that he was right. I do really care a lot about food. I try to learn about what goes into it and how it's made and I have very strong opinions on both of those things for a wide set of foods. I probably wouldn't voluntarily eat 95% of the items outside of the meat and produce aisles of the grocery store.

And yet... I still feel like someone who doesn't care about food. When I'm by myself in the US (and even most of the time when I'm not) I eat the same exact thing every day. A small bowl of nuts at 4pm, Chipotle at 6pm. I love those foods, but if they went away I'd just substitute them with something else and carry on. In my mind, someone who really cared about food wouldn't do that.

A month or two after I began quarantining for Coronavirus, someone commented that the virus must have really impacted me. No, I said, it didn't have any big effect on me. Then I thought about it more and realized that it destroyed my main business, my wife's career, and my entire lifestyle of traveling all the time.

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