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Consider, Commit, Lock

People often comment that I have a lot of discipline. Even if you go through some comments on posts in this blog, you'll see people saying that. I even agree with them - I've been working this polyphasic thing for over two months now! Very few nights have gone by that haven't involved an intense struggle to stave off sleepiness.

The funny thing is that I used to be completely UNdisciplined. It was almost a joke amongst my friends and families. What changed? Read on...

The problem was that I didn't trust myself. If I said "I'm going to not eat meat for 30 days", I knew that since I was undisciplined, that it might not actually be true. So when day three rolled around and I saw a hamburger, I'd think subconciously, "Well, I wasn't going to make it thirty days anyway" and I'd chow down. Even small things like saying "I'm going to go to sleep after one more game" would get stretched. My promises to myself were worthless.

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