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Managing Your Money Like a Billionaire: Part 1

These past couple weeks represent the biggest shift in my understanding of personal finance in many years, maybe even decades. Things that never made much sense to me (and which I dismissed as foolish) now make a lot of sense, and my own plan for how I manage my finances has changed drastically. I also have a much greater understanding of what is happening in the economy (for example, why the stock market is so high when things are going so poorly).

It all started with Mark Zuckerberg. I read online somewhere that he bought a 6 million dollar house and got a mortgage for it. Why would you get a mortgage for a house when you're a billionaire?

This led me down a rabbit hole and made me realize that extremely rich people treat personal finance in a fundamentally different way than you and I do, and that their approach can be scaled down and used by normal people like you and me (if you're a billionaire and I have offended you by calling you a normal person: sorry).


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