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Happy With The Best Possible Option

My motorcycle gave me three years of virtually no problems. Then water got into the tank and caused it to intermittently stop running. A week after I had that fixed, the fuel pump broke, maybe because of the water issue. Once that was fixed, the bike felt better than ever, and I felt good making a 200 mile round-trip journey to Carmel, CA with Justine on the back.

Our ride down was as pleasant as a three hour ride on a small street bike can be. Our legs cramped up a bit, and the backpack I fastened to the tank slid around, but the beautiful scenery of the pacific coast highway kept us pleasantly distracted.

After a visit to Carmel that went by too quickly, we loaded up the motorcycle again and headed back on Sunday afternoon.

We took highway one up to Santa Cruz, and then decided to take route 17 over the mountain to save some time and see something different. The bike charged up the mountain until we were about 90% of the way to the top, and then it died.

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