A Lucid Dream

I had my first lucid dream since beginning this thing.

I had woken up naturally after about 15 minutes of sleep, and as I was drifting back into dreamland, I realized that I was sleeping right as I started to dream. I thought “wow… let’s try out this lucid dream stuff” and leapt off some stairs. I hit the pavement and it felt like real pain, although it didn’t last. Then I figured that I needed to think about flying, and as soon as I did, I could feel myself being yanked way into the air.

It was a strange experience. I could barely see what was happening in the dream… everything was really fuzzy. But I could feel it as if it was actually happening. I woke up after just a minute or so.

In other news, I’ve made two improvements to my alarm. The first is that I’ve made the brown noise quieter. Sometimes it would bother me when I was trying to get to sleep. I also extended the nap portion of it by 7 minutes, bringing it to 32 minutes total before the alarm goes off. I did that because it takes me about 7 minutes to fall asleep usually. Sometimes I’ll want to go blow my nose or put on a robe before sleeping, but don’t want to infringe on my precious sleep time.

This should give me more pleasant naps, but also 42 more minutes of sleep per day. This should help quite a bit.






5 responses to “A Lucid Dream”

  1. Charles Avatar

    haha, It’s so cool that you’re going to workshop with RSD and are a poly sleeper.

    I work on the internet (as I think you do as well), I’m a hardcore PUA, and this is my third night as a poly sleeper.

    You must be a cool person for liking the same stuff I do. 🙂

    I’m 21 though.

    I’ll come back to your blog to see what’s up. I have some spare time nowadays 😉

  2. Tynan Avatar

    Nice… I’m herbal, btw. Stick with the polyphasic sleep thing.. you’re in the hard part now.

  3. Charles Avatar

    Haha, that’s so cool, I imagine you’re living at PH… I’m dahunter btw.

    Today I almost had it perfect. I had my alarms worked out and was going through it like a clock. Until at 5:30am I just couldn’t hold it to my 6 am nap, and I just snoozed off and woke around 8:30.

    I’m so pissed, I now know what you mean. I did have a very intense dream though, It felt like it was just a minute long, but I remember every single detail of it. More dreams like that are worth the effort alone.

    The problem with snoozing off like that, I think, is that you don’t sleep as well at the 10 am nap, and have a very light sleep around 2 pm, but definetly not REM sleep.

    I don’t know if it’s the food I’m eating but I should hold on and get on schedule with my naps.

  4. RC Avatar

    Not that I would be a fan of poly sleeping..I’ve been recently shifting to more early rising, so far it’s enough for me:) But I love the idea of lucid dreams…one of the skills I want to learn. I’ve tested it few months ago, after about 3-4 days I had my first lucid dream where I partly knew I was dreaming&really enjoyed it(looked around my “dream world”). I have to learn this finally. Today I had “classical” dream where I was flying, I was so light that I could jump and the winds would bring me higher and higher – I flew very fast too and I could control my direction by legs..I flew over our village for a while..crazy!:D

  5. PureDoxyk Avatar

    Hey…I noticed you quit and were trying to get back on…Luck with that; I’m planning on getting back on myself in a few months. I once did 6 months, but that was years ago, so this should be a challenge. Sure as hell can’t say I don’t need the time though! -K*

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