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Seeing Her Again


I looked at the route that Google Maps gave me to drive my RV back to Austin. The route went right past Mandeville, Louisiana. That's where Katya lives.

I hadn't seen her in years. We broke up four years ago, and I only saw her once since then, three years ago. She randomly showed up with her fiancee and took all of the big stuff she'd left at my house. Her fiancee apologized as we carried her bed frame that I'd been sleeping on for a year to his car.

Me, Passionate?

On Reviving Roses

Originally Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There has been a lot going on lately. To start at the beginning, because that is just logical, is to say I discovered something new about my self recently. It began when a close friend told me they never hear me say the things I like, only the things I dislike (or for a stronger word, hate). So obviously I made a point to state the things I love. This then sparked the comment, "Why not just be okay with something?" That got me thinking, because that is what I'm really good at. It's true, I either love or hate things...it is a rare occasion that I make point to just be "okay" with something. I suppose that makes me a very passionate person, whether it's passion for love or hate, it is passion none the less. And I'm "okay" with that *wink*

Which brings me to my next and last point!

I have been to the ocean, both oceans accessible in the U.S. In fact, I've been to the Pacific Ocean many times. I've also, technically, been in both oceans. Honestly though, I now believe that those times didn't count, because I was never fully in...just feet. On one occasion I was drenched, but that was because I was sitting on a rock with Cadence and Sydney and wave crashed over us. Well, on Sunday my life changed. I swam, as in feet in the sand, water at my throat, waves rushing all around me, SWAM!

It was, hands down, the most exhilarating feeling I've ever had the pleasure to feel. The ebb and flow of the waves that moved my body every which way were... fascinating, exciting, frightening, hilarious, and all around amazing. It was as if nothing else existed, the only thing that mattered was the move of the ocean. The taste! I, of course, knew the ocean was salt water, but it was such an interesting experience. I've been in lakes and rivers before, large bodies of water that tasted like...vegetation, with a hint of something animal and slightly stale. To find that the taste of the ocean water tasted ONLY like salt was refreshing, and wonderful, and sort of gross.

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