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Why and How I'm Learning All the Languages

Before going to Romania, I decided I'd try to learn a bit of Romanian. By almost any measure it's sort of a pointless language to learn, but I figured I'd get a kick out of pretending to my I didn't speak any for a couple days, and then all of a sudden surprising my friends by speaking it.

My friend Brian did me a huge favor by going to the library, checking out the Pimsleur Romanian I series, ripping it, and then sending me the MP3s. After finishing the first lesson, I was struck by just how much I enjoyed doing it. I've used Pimsleur tapes to learn Chinese, Japanese, and French (which I never finished and consequently don't remember), but it had been six years since I'd started one.

The returns on learning the first bit of a language are huge. While I don't have nearly enough vocabulary to have an actual conversation in Romanian, doing one half-hour tape every day for a month left me with enough to be able to ask directions, order things at a restaurant, exchange pleasantries with strangers, and buy things. I think I successfully made a joke in Romanian, too.

So after all that, I decided that I'm just going to learn every language. Pimsleur has a list of over fifty that they support. I'm going to start with the ones I'm most interested in that have ninety tapes instead of the thirty that they had for Romanian. I did the full ninety in Japanese, and it got me to the point that I could have actual, if a bit kludgy, conversations.

April 4th - Lunch and Dinner

On How I Move, Eat, and Sleep

Okay, so for lunch a few co-workers and I went out to a Thai restaurant. They had a tasting menu going so I ended up getting: two skewers of teriyaki chicken, calamari, garlic bok choy, and some spicy eggplant with chicken. For dessert I got the coconut shrimp. Seeing as how I'm 130 pounds, my co-workers were impressed with my ability to put away food.

Dinner was left over shrimp fried rice from the takeout joint last night. Dessert was a bowl of mixed berries with some coconut yogurt on top (I'm lactose intolerant, so cow yogurt is out of the question for me).

I'm happy that I managed to have pretty healthy food during lunch today. And I haven't had any real cravings for junk food, which is good. All I need to do now is get some sleep...

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