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My Assault on Stuff & What I'm Doing Next

My recent war that I've been waging has been against stuff. For a while (and by that I mean since 7th grade), I've produced my own income and spent most of it on things from the internet. I've talked about this before so I won't bore you with the laundry lists of my posessions.

Then when I sold my house in North Austin, I was faced with the prospect of moving all that stuff. My most financially productive years were while I lived there, so I bought a ton of stuff. During that period of collection it never occurred to me that I would eventually move. My garage as well as one of the bedrooms in the house because warehouses for my things.

When I moved, I took a pretty extreme approach. I went through every item in the house and made a decision - either I needed it or not. If it was worth more than $50 or so I sold it. If it was worth less than that I put it in a bedroom. If it was worth less than $5-10 I donated it or threw it away. I posted my address on craigslist and let people go into the bedroom and take all that they wanted. Within a few hours the bulk of my stuff was taken away.

What have I learned from meditation?

On Brian Hermelijn - Personal Development.

First off, let me give a brief overview on what meditation is. Meditation is simply the act of non-doing. Just by sitting still and be in the now is already a form of meditation. Even listening to music is another form of meditation.

How I got started into meditation?

All of this started back in 2011. I kept asking myself whether there are other means to relax one’s mind and spirit, without using any toxicity for our body. And sure enough I went and do my research, and found out about meditation. I have been practicing meditation ever since.

Here is a list of things I have learned from meditation:

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