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How am I doing on my Goals?

So back in January, I wrote out my 7 goals for the year. It's been two months, so let's see how I'm doing :

1. Become FULLY polyphasic

I'm close on this one. Many days I go perfectly, sometimes if I have nothing to do I oversleep and then skip some naps during the day. I'm actually pretty satisfied with that, as I'm only sleeping 2.5-4.5 hours per night, I'm never tired, and can always count on being awake early and staying up late. I'll keep pressing to be more consistent, but I'm satisfied with where I am.

2014 Goals

On The Voiceless Sloth

I like new years resolutions. It is like having a shower where the sins of last year are washed away. Even if you did not achieve a single resolution last year, your lizard brain is quick to point out that this was the younger, more immature version of you that just could not stick to things. That unreliable guy is nothing on this year's version. This guy sticks to things.

So, I have got twelve resolutions for this year (I wrote these down before the new year begun) so I wanted to get them out there so I could track them from here. They are:

1. Write a blog post twice a week - Yep, that's this thing. I have committed with a buddy to write every day. He has suggested that we do half an hour a day which is a little daunting but I am certainly prepared to give it a go. This is the first day of it and it is actually happening. I aim to post twice a week.

2. Read 25 books - Last year I tried to read 20 books which I did not complete. I had read 18 by early November, however life got in the way for the last two months of the year. It was annoying but I am not sure if it is the number per se, but rather that I read a lot more every year. I think if I read for an hour a day I should be able to get through 25 books. I read three in January already which are 1. The Catcher in the Rye 2. Blood Meridian and 3. Your Money or Your Life.

3. Relearn German - A few years ago I could have a basic conversation in German and write a little. Now I can barely do it at all which is something I want to remedy. This year I am going to study all the German Pimsleur levels which will hopefully get me back to having conversations in German. I will also either try to meet some local Germans or join the German speakers group in my local city.

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