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Every Wednesday Doug (a.k.a. DJ Doug) and I host Karaoke at a club called Firehouse Lounge in Austin, TX. The main reason I do it is because I love doing gangsta rap songs at Karaoke, and if I'm a host I get to sing more. Plus all of our friends come, so it's a really fun little event.

But last week was more fun than usual.

When I found out that my friend Elisia had a police taser, I immediately went to work trying to think of a good use for it. After a short while, Taseroke was born. The premise was simple - two people would sing a song of their own choosing and whoever the crowd thought did worse would get tased mercilessly by me.

Don't Be Seduced by a Fatal Distraction

On The Art of Sanity

The late Joseph Campbell said "the cave you fear to enter is the one that holds your treasure." That's one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people. But I don't think he meant that every cave we fear should be entered just because we fear it.

There are plenty of exciting possibilities available in the world today each full of challenges for the right person. But not all of them can be in sync with your true purpose and what you wish to accomplish. And getting involved could cause you to miss out on your life's real mission.

Don't let your dreams become the victim of a fatal distraction.

Although Joseph Campbell was using a metaphor, I'll relate a true story.

When I lived in the Rocky Mountains I was hiking with a friend in a remote area near Glacier National Park and the Canadian border. We came across an entrance to cave hidden in the brush. My friend Karl was really excited because he had recently began spelunking and this particular cave wasn't on his map. He got his flashlight out and we went inside. About 15 feet inside the entrance we discovered a swift moving creek about 4ft wide. It was awesome.

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