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One Year Update on the Island We Bought

It's been nearly a year since we bought an island near Halifax. We went in being completely clueless, our only salvation knowing that we were completely clueless and would have to learn a lot. And boy, have we. I've spent more time on the island than in my RV over the past couple months, and it's begun to feel like a second home. The rhythms of the island and the environment around it have become familiar.

When we bought the island, it was nearly completely wild. The previous owner had cleared a small area where he'd intended to build a small cabin, but otherwise the island was so dense that it was nearly impenetrable. Our first night there we were excited to venture into the woods, and gave up immediately upon seeing how close together the trees were.

We now have a trail system so extensive that it's hard for me to keep it all straight. In fact, yesterday we ended up widening the wrong trail, and were surprised to end up at the tide pools rather than a 15 foot tall rock we call Eagle Rock. On our first trip we carved a trail from the clearing to the center of the island, going north. Since then we've expanded the trail system to branch from the center point to the east, and to the west. There's a half-finished trail that goes north to the ocean, a half finished trail that goes south on the west side, and a finished trail that connects the clearing and the fire pit area.

Seattle Trip, Part Three!!!

On Where Pianos Roam

Again, I am totally enjoying my stay here.  Here are some tidbits .  .  . On Friday, I joined my friend Mike and went to the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle to watch the performance of a play called "The Candy Cane Stick-up".  It was HILARIOUS!!!  I had a wonderful time.  Here is a photo .  .  .

After the play, Mike and I headed to the International District to have lunch at Mike's Szechuan Noodles.  We were joined by friends.  Here's a photo with O and B:

Yesterday, I went out on a Ferry headed to Bainbridge Island.  Here is a photo of O and B taking in the Puget Sound .  .  .

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