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Exploring Airman's Cave

We sat in the tiny passageway, exhausted. Our muscles were fatigued from overuse. We were over a mile deep into the cave, hours away from the surface, hours away from food, and hours away from water. Had our curiousity finally gotten the best of us? For the first time ever, I was worried for my life. I couldn't imagine dying, but making it out of the cave seemed even less likely.

It started months ago. After exploring the small caves at Enchanted Rock, we were eager to tackle something a bit more challenging. A search on the internet led us quickly to Airman's Cave - perhaps the most well known cave in Austin. What we didn't know at the time was that it was also an advanced level cave. Few members of the caving community in Austin would attempt the cave. With an average ceiling of 18", Airman's cave was a full 2.5 miles long. But we didn't really know that either. In fact, we knew nothing of caves or caving.

To access the cave, we had to take a hike down a dry creekbed and search for it. After wandering around for a while we spotted a large opening on the hill. That was it.

Don't Be Seduced by a Fatal Distraction

On The Art of Sanity

The late Joseph Campbell said "the cave you fear to enter is the one that holds your treasure." That's one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people. But I don't think he meant that every cave we fear should be entered just because we fear it.

There are plenty of exciting possibilities available in the world today each full of challenges for the right person. But not all of them can be in sync with your true purpose and what you wish to accomplish. And getting involved could cause you to miss out on your life's real mission.

Don't let your dreams become the victim of a fatal distraction.

Although Joseph Campbell was using a metaphor, I'll relate a true story.

When I lived in the Rocky Mountains I was hiking with a friend in a remote area near Glacier National Park and the Canadian border. We came across an entrance to cave hidden in the brush. My friend Karl was really excited because he had recently began spelunking and this particular cave wasn't on his map. He got his flashlight out and we went inside. About 15 feet inside the entrance we discovered a swift moving creek about 4ft wide. It was awesome.

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