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Consistency is the Hard Part

The one thing I consistently fail to account for when planning trips, especially shorter ones, is the disruption it will cause to my routine. For over a hundred days in a row, I wrote a blog post every day, did a Chinese lesson, worked on SETT, and a few other things for which I hold myself accountable.

I went to Peru for ten days, and although I started off strong, jamming in the blog post and Chinese lessons on my flights and bus ride to the Andes, once I started hiking I stopped doing those things. No real foul there, because breathing and walking had become difficult first priorities. When I got back to civilization, still in Peru, I resumed working hard on SETT, but I stopped doing Chinese lessons. I was practicing Spanish every day, though, so that made it okay. I wrote a monster blog post about Peru and sort of let myself coast on that. After all, it was a lot longer than my average post.

I got back to San Francisco and had only a week before I was going to Mexico. That week was great. I felt bad about being off schedule, so I used that as motivation to get back on. I rated three of those days as As and four as Bs, which is a pretty solid week. Next there are ten days completely missing from my schedule. I remember them, though. I worked on SETT every day while I was in Mexico, at a reduced capacity, as expected. I did a couple Chinese lessons, but was speaking Spanish, and fell behind on blog posts. Maybe I wrote four during those ten days.

Again, I got back and got back on schedule, but this time with less consistency. One day I gave myself an F and didn't even write any notes on the day. A few others I got Ds. There are As and Bs, too, but not as many as there should be.

First Things First

On More from a 3 Minute Record

I have wanted to do this for a while now, but I didn't know exactly what form it would take. As a huge fan of music and the album format, I always mention to my loving friends and family members, "this is one of my favorite albums." Until now, I've never really made an effort to catalog (which I just found out does not end in "ue" like I thought when I originally typed it) those great albums.

What you should expect:- Stories about me interacting with some of my favorite albums of my life - Stories about my family, friends, and acquaintances that are inextricably part of me - Brief general discussion about the album in general and its importance (or lack thereof) to the rest of the world - References to the host of other things that are connected in the wacky attic I call a brain

What you should not expect:- Reviews. I'm not rating these albums on a scale of 1-10 or giving them stars, dubloons, or any other markers to prove how much I like them. They won't all be classic albums, or even critically good albums, but that's not the point. - Pitchfork style music snobbery. - Oompa Loompa porn. You should definitely not expect any of that.

I'm excited to start this, and I have a lot of ideas for my first few posts. I'm looking forward to the new sett community blogging style, and I hope you, dear reader, will continue to grace me with your presence, comments, and post promotions.

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