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The Simple Problems Found on the Island

It's midnight and I'm on my cot in a tent on the island. It's quiet now, just small waves slapping the rocks and jokes between me, my cousins, and my friend Nick, When we wake up, it will be very windy and possibly rainy. There's a hurricane en-route, which is expected to weaken to some less impressive category of storm.

Installed on my phone now is a tide app, which always strikes me as bizarre when I'm walking around the city at home. But here it's part of life. When it's high tide it's easier to boat back, and possible to carry heavy loads in the boat. At low tide boating requires a lot more precision to find the deep water channel, but we can circumnavigate the island easier on foot.

I like having to think about the weather a little bit. It's a connection to the real world from which we've largely insulated ourselves. Most of the time that's a good thing, but tradeoffs hide behind convenience.

Our island has no luxury, other than that of time and space. One of the luxuries lost is the luxury of being fussy. One of my cousins runs inside when mosquitos come out, and another is inexplicably scared of butterflies. But the island trails were flooded with tiny white moths and the constant whine of mosquitos is the soundtrack of the deep woods.

agreements: harmonize your mind

On Life, Happening Now

You know those limiting thoughts that you can't seem to shake? The ones that softly steer you away from doing things that might bring you joy. One that otherwise would allow you to fully express yourself?

These thoughts are negative agreements that we make with ourselves and with others, but that slowly eat away at our confidence, limit our purpose, and confuse our sense of identity. We can make positive agreements with ourselves and others that affirm us, building a positive sense of identity and self-worth. Positive affirmations construct and expand. Negative agreements corrode and limit.

How do we identify these thoughts? The next time you are in a conversation, really listen to how the other person talks about themselves (or how you talk about yourself):

All of these thoughts are not accurate representations of the life you were created to live. Throughout our childhood, people begin to tell us these stories about our identity and purpose that just aren't true. They are untrue, in fact. We were created for wholeness. We were created to live an abundant life, full of meaning and packed with the joy that comes through experiencing the journey.

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