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Update: The World is Out to Get Me

Seriously. I may not have mentioned this before, but my life revolves around one thing. Tostadas. Whole foods makes them raw, and they are a flax seed cracker with fake beans, avocado, mixed greens, pico de gallo, and fake sour cream. I love these things with most of my heart. Since discovering them I get one every time I go to Whole Foods, and sometimes I take one home with me even though they get soggy.

Tonight I had myself a nice little night planned out. I was going to drive to Whole Foods to meet Todd for Dinner, come back home, get ready, and go hit SXSW with some friends from San Fran.

As usual I took a lesuirely shower and planned it so that I would have JUST enough time to eat dinner there.

Collecting More Flies With Honey.

On The Mad Ink3r

This morning I was on my way to trade in my NY license for my Florida License, and I should've went off the wall today. These people are so complicated for no reason, but instead I kept my composure and just did what was asked of me. I needed a new car, because I am child baring and need to prepare for the coming of my baby girl. Now, this is something I should've had put together long ago but the previous vehicle I had purchased from an auto-dealership up the street from my house was just full of CRAP! I would never recommend anyone of my friends to them, at all. But I went to the DMV and they didn't want to trade-In my license due to me not having the original copies of my birth certificate/Social Security Card. I honestly think that Florida is one backwards state! I'm moving next year for many reasons.

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