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One Year

Just over a year ago I was in this same place. It's a short and touristy row of shops leading up to a temple in Asakusa, Japan. Last time I was here it was my first time in Japan, which meant that I was so enthralled with being there that I didn't realize what a tourist trap it was.

Now I'm here again and I see the place in a different light. I've lived in Japan for almost two months now as part of my year long trip around the world.

As I look up at the paper lanterns dangling above the street I have a thought.



when you wake up on sunday morning, when your head hurts so badLy you feeL as though it wiLL never return to normaL, when everything that was beautifuL&mysterious the night before has been rendered harsh+unfLattering in the reLentLess dayLight.. wiLL you stiLL want to turn over to me??!? wiLL you stiLL Love me??!? wiLL you stiLL be interested in aLL of the things i have to say&aLL of the coincidences we took as divine intervention Last night when we were onLy so happy to teLL each other how we feeL??!?

if i’m sick on sunday, come down with the fLu after not having taken proper care of myseLf this week, wiLL you bring me soup??!? are you wiLLing to accept that the quietness&vague sadness of sundays are simpLy part of Life, and that every moment between 2 peopLe can't be the kaLeidoscopic bLur of honesty&fuLfiLLment that saturday is??!? because i've been toLd so many things on a saturday night which faiLed to be true in the morning.. which were as much inspired by having the night end on some kind of temporary high note as they were by genuine feeLings,, i understand that sometimes we get caught up in a moment.. but i don’t want my Life to be a series of moments that cannot be sustained once the party is over,,

i'LL Love you on sunday.. if i teLL you the reasons then it'LL be uLtra cheesy,, it’s because i want you to remember them the next day.. i want to pounce on my momentary Lack of inhibitions to say aLL of the things i’LL Later want to sweep under the rug (but which i truLy mean),, i'm teLLing you these things on saturday because i won’t be abLe to on sunday but i'LL want you to know that i mean them.. i hope you know me weLL enough to know that i never say anything i don’t mean (even if they’re a bit embarrassing to remember),,

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