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One Year

Just over a year ago I was in this same place. It's a short and touristy row of shops leading up to a temple in Asakusa, Japan. Last time I was here it was my first time in Japan, which meant that I was so enthralled with being there that I didn't realize what a tourist trap it was.

Now I'm here again and I see the place in a different light. I've lived in Japan for almost two months now as part of my year long trip around the world.

As I look up at the paper lanterns dangling above the street I have a thought.

Self-improvement...why us?

On Drew Millar

I was thinking a little bit this morning about my continual quest for good habits and self-improvement and started wondering why I do this. It seems to me that there are two types of people in this world: those that care about improving themselves and those that don't. I'm definitely one of the former.

From all I've seen and read, those that do fit into that first group don't merely care about improving themselves, but often obsess over it. We plan our days, set crazy goals, read about it, write about it, meditate because of it, and on and on. It can often be the driving source of our confidence and well being throughout the day.

The second group of people is more varied. They aren't necessarily lazy people. Many of them are actually way more successful than those in the first group and some of them even have better habits. They just don't think about all this crap. I know a lot of very successful, balanced, and happy people who have never picked up a book about self-improvement in their lives. It all just comes easy to them. I guess they are just naturals.

That said, I'm definitely not one of those people, and I know from friends and strangers alike that there are plenty of people like me.

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