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Why I Don't Buy Apple Products

This won't quite be the Apple bashing that people probably expect. To start off, I don't hate Apple. I think that they're a spectacular company that does a lot of very smart things. I think that they build relatively high quality products and do a good job of supporting them.

Even if I don't buy any of their products, I'm glad that Apple is around. They're responsible for pushing forward a lot of technologies that are later adapted and improved on by companies I do buy things from.

I also think that Apple makes the right product for a lot of people, maybe even you. An iPod is probably the right music player for more people than any other music player. The average consumer will probably do better with a Mac laptop than the average PC laptop.

Samsung Chromebook (Review)

On Huan M. Nguyen

I bought the Chromebook a couple weeks ago, not totally sure what to expect.

Chrome OS was a mystery, and it was a split between searching for a cheap Android tablet and buying this. Then, after doing some "research", which consisted of looking at reviews on Amazon and reading opinions about the Chromebook on reddit, it seemed an oft-repeated opinion was that the Chromebook made a great companion laptop, not a primary one, and especially so for students.

I'd also heard about its ability to enable speedy productivity and mobility, with blazing fast boot and shutdown times, as well as a great battery life. Swayed by that, I ordered it.

Hands down, the Chromebook has been the best tangible productivity booster for me.

Upon opening it, the first thing that caught my eye was how great the resolution is. It works extremely well for me. The battery life is enough I can charge it the night before, while I do work or hang out, and work a lot without needing an outlet the next day. The processing power is just enough to play Pandora (which I use to stream instrumental music to help studying) and do my online math without trouble, but it's too slow to handle Youtube and other things in parallel. This is great for keeping me from becoming distracted.

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