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Where I'll Be In 2024

A couple days ago, during a rest period of a workout, Leo asked me if I was different now than I was ten years ago. My gut reaction was to say that, no, I was pretty much exactly the same, but even a quick scan of changes in that time made me realize that I bear little resemblance to who I was. I asked him the same, and he's changed even more than I have in the past ten years.

The two big themes I noticed in the changes I went through were first that they would have been pretty much impossible to predict, and second that they were all good surprises. Of course, I'm a happy person and I'm certainly biased, so I would probably think the changes were positive no matter what.

Even knowing that we would have been incapable of predicting the changes that happened over the past ten years, we couldn't resist trying to make predictions for the next ten. That's how we spent the remainder of the rest periods of our workout. I decided I'd make my predictions public so that we can marvel at how prescient I was, or, more likely, laugh about how I was dead wrong.

At the end of each section I'm going to give some odds for each outcome. That way we can see how accurate my predictions and confidences were, and I can make longshot predictions without messing up the record.

Thought of the Week: In Sickness and In Health

On Where Pianos Roam

Well, I've spent most of the last two days sick as a dog.  On Thursday afternoon, my throat started to feel funny.  Within two hours, I had a full-on fever and a massive headache.  I felt like my body was on full alert and fighting heavily against a vicious attack of some nasty germ/virus. 

I've been so weak that it's been difficult to even walk, and with every step I took, it felt like someone was pounding a hammer in my head.  Migraine headache, sore throat, fever, weakness, nausea--this has all been quite an ordeal.  All I could do was get myself to just lie down and try to rest.  I had to call in sick to work and did not get anything else done. 

It's Saturday now, and my fever finally broke last night.  I'm still not at a hundred percent, but I'm getting there.  My sister got me to take this severe cold and flu tea, and surely enough, it worked like a charm--bringing on the necessary reinforcements that my body needed to combat the bad stuff.

All of this hullaballoo got me thinking.  There are people out there who live with severe disabilities and with chronic illnesses.  They wake up everyday having a harder time out of life than those of us in perfect health.  When your own body is its own nemesis, it must take an immense amount of will power to just try to live through each day.  My heart goes out to these people. 

I've just had a hellacious two days, but I know this could not possibly compare to what others with serious physical challenges deal with.

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