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Tynan Goes to School

Where can you find me at 2pm on a Thursday? If you guessed by the pool being fed peeled grapes by the Swedish bikini team, you'll be surprised to hear that you're wrong.

No, really. You're wrong... At least this Thursday.

Actually, my friend Hayden.. WAIT... this is an important but totally unrelated sidenote :

My Happy Place

On Stuff in a Notebook

This is going to sound silly, but my happy place is in the car. I like to be the passenger, and I like loud music blaring. I like the windows rolled down, the sunroof open, I like the sun or the stars above my head. I don't mind sticking my head out the window like a dog. I like my best friend to drive. Now why in the world is this my happy place?

I'm not quite sure myself. I've never minded road trips. I think perhaps because being in the car involves going somewhere, and going somewhere means either going on an adventure or coming home from one. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's the presence of people I love. Maybe I just find the forward motion relaxing, like a little kid who falls asleep on the way home. In any case, it's the simple things in life that make me happy. I'm really grateful for that.

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