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The Zero Cost Lifestyle

Several years ago I was sitting with a bunch of friends at a restaurant. Dinner was winding down and we were all stuffed.

My friend next to me asked me how I made so much money. I always had the money for everything, she said, and she was always struggling.

The bill came and everyone went down the list adding up their stuff. Before tax and tip mine was around $7. Hers was $30, more than four times what mine was.

External Brain Anatomy Lab

On Daniell's Brain and Behavior Lab Blog

I am sure you know the brain is the most complex organ in the body but sometimes i wonder if people TRULY understand the capacity and complexity of the brain. I am always blown away when learning about the lobes, structures, and functions of the brain! It is amazing how such a small organ has such vital functions which work together to produce various actions that we do daily!

I was elated when finding out that we would be examining a sheep's brain (similar to a human's brain) to review the surface anatomy of the brain. The first thing i noticed was that my sheep brain did not have all 3 layers of membranes called meninges. It only had the pia matter intact. This layer was very thin and prevented my partner and i from separating the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

On the cerebral cortex my partner and i were able to identify the 4 main lobes of the brain; frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. The frontal lobe is located on the anterior part of the brain and is responsible for planning future actions and controlling movement. The parietal lobe located on the dorsal side of the brain is responsible for forming somatic sensation and forming body images. The occipital lobe is located on the posterior part of the brain and is responsible for vision. Lastly the temporal lobe is located lateral to the longitudinal fissure (the line that divides the brain in to left and right halves) and is responsible for learning, memory, and hearing.

While doing the lab i could only think about how the lobes were working together to help me process the lab. My occipital lobe was helping me view the sheep brain and the lab notes, my frontal lobe was helping me move the brain around, and my temporal lobe was allowing me to hear the professor, learn the material, and memorize the information. These functions were just a few of the many things going on in my brain. I find this amazing!

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