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The Zero Cost Lifestyle

Several years ago I was sitting with a bunch of friends at a restaurant. Dinner was winding down and we were all stuffed.

My friend next to me asked me how I made so much money. I always had the money for everything, she said, and she was always struggling.

The bill came and everyone went down the list adding up their stuff. Before tax and tip mine was around $7. Hers was $30, more than four times what mine was.

You're on a space shuttle, baby

On Linus Rylander

Right now, I might be lying frozen inside a slab of ice.

The year is 6442, the planet I call Earth was destroyed a thousand years ago. I have been lying here for 2595 years, on an extended space flight, piloted by a robot programmed to search for a place that can support human life.

What I think of as “reality” is being piped in like elevator music.


Even if you knew that, how would you tell the difference?

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