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Going Raw

I used to walk into McDonalds and often times I wouldn't be charged for my food. Why? Because I went there so frequently and brought so many friends, that they knew I was good for business. My favorite meal was the Fishwich, a mighty sandwich made with a bun, american cheese, a deep fried fish patty, and a generous portion of tartar sauce. To fully sate my appetite I always supersized.

My parents had always encouraged me to eat healthy. I just didn't see the point. I felt good, I wasn't fat, and I never got sick. Why fix what isn't broken? I was thankful for my good metabolism and assumed that eating healthy was for people who didn't have it so good.

Then a couple years ago I watched Super Size Me. I watched it for entertainment, but it was the first time I began to believe that what I ate actually mattered. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. When subjected to a McDonalds only diet, the creator became depressed, lethargic, and generally didn't feel too well. That was the day I stopped eating fast food.

Eggs On My Plate

On Flourish

A big item on my dreams list is connecting people in my life with healthy food. This is a challenging one, because food is built into our personal traditions, and because accomplishing it might involve cooking, which is not traditionally found on among my personal strengths.

It has been a year of mixed success on food. I worked out of a corporate office in Minneapolis over the summer that had an amazing set of lunch cafes. They offered tons of greens, veggies, fruits, and healthy foods for a subsidized low cost. For the first time in a long time, it was as easy to eat healthy as to eat poorly. I would stuff myself each lunch with pounds of salad with an incredible array of veggies and end up so full that I couldn't eat anymore. As a result, I lost weight and felt great.

I read the book "Eat to Live", which confirmed what I thought I was observing. It advocates eating veggies, fruits, and beans primarily. I actually managed to cook a couple of recipes out of it, and they were palatable.

But then, as I settled back full time to Appleton, eating such a diet was much more difficult. I convinced some friends to go to the salad bar at the local grocery store for lunch--but the overwhelming food culture here is bread, cheese, and sugar. Last night I hosted my birthday party. A friend cooked and did an awesome job, and even made some vegetarian chili that was delicious. But, I think my girlfriend and I were the only ones who opted for vegetarian over meat. Today, I had pizza stuffed with meat. Win some, lose some, and during winter in Northern climates the body really favors losing some. Battles, not pounds..

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