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Significant Days

I got back from Boston on the 28th of December, giving me 10 days in Austin before Todd and I leave on the world trip.

Every day counts now.

I've been spending TONS of time with my friends. I've been slaughtering my backlog of important but not urgent todo items. I'm not wasting a minute. I'm hugging people. I'm making sure that I put aside time for everyone and everything I want to do.

Writing daily? Right...

On Alan's Journey

Funny. My last post was 'Why you should write every day'. And here it is, two weeks later, and I'm going 'Oh yeh, that's right.. I was going to write daily, wasn't I...'  The best laid plans of mice and men...

Almost a couple weeks ago I finished working for Lockheed Martin Australia. After 9 months and three contract extensions, they decided they didn't need my services any more. This was a shame, because I quite enjoyed working there, but as a contractor I know I'm only around for as long as the money and the projects last. 

Since then I've been enjoying a bit of a holiday, applying for new roles, but mostly just chilling out. I've been exploring a couple of personal projects which has occupied my time, mainly setting up a website where I can explore some creative writing, and changing my computer experiences from Windows 8 to Linux Mint. 

I do enjoy playing with new things and learning new things about them.

I found some photos I took over xmas/new year of my holiday around parts of Australia. I'm going to have to get off my ass and process them, and then publish them with a few stories around them. That's my task for next week. 

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