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A New Plan for Life Nomadic

As our stack of plane tickets gets thinner and our passports get more and more inked up, we've started thinking about what we're going to do next year.

A repeat? Take some time off? Some combination?

This sort of travel is self perpetuating. If I had ten places I really wanted to visit before leaving on this trip, I now have twenty. Most people we meet are travelers, and they all have crushes on cities that then get transferred to us.

The Must-Have Travel List

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Travel is a lifestyle, not a luxury. Nothing has accelerated my personal growth and expanded my horizons more than traveling around the world. With that being said, I spend a ton of time on planes–and with each trip, I find things that I simply can’t live without. No matter how near or far the destination, a girl’s must-haves are non-negotiable. Check out what’s on my must-have list, and maybe some of my faves can become your faves too.

The O.G. by Lo & Sons

Ever since I received this this bag for my birthday, my whole travel world has been changed. I don’t even remember my life in travel before the O.G. came along; actually I do…it sucked! This bag is super lightweight and has pockets and compartments for everything including your computer and iPad, phone, passport, keys and snacks. As if all of that weren’t enough, it has a side pocket for your favorite pair of heels…score! Now if I could only get my hands on a red one!

Canon Powershot SD880 IS

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