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The Secrets of Buying

I've long considered myself a fantastic buyer. Notice I don't say shopper - that alludes to a hobby or form of entertainment. To me, buying is serious business.

Even before I had any serious degree of financial success, many people assumed I was rich because of my material posessions. I guess most people could pull that off by maxing credit cards, but I was actually socking money away for later.

How do I do it? Read on...

The most important thing to remember is value. Sounds obvious, but nearly everyone ignores value on a daily basis. Value means that you're getting the most for your money - not that you're saving the most money necessarily. A Rolex at $1000 might be an incredible value, but a Timex could be a rip off at $150.

If you're smart, you have a higher chance of being athiest

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But if you're a genius, you're likely Christian.

This is the first post of probably many that I'll write about belief and whatnot. I just want to share an observation from my personal life- it's by no means a complete view, and given my upbringing, perhaps skewed.

The geniuses I know of, I've met, etc- They're all unabashedly Christian. And I mean genius in the math/science/logic/IQ sense. And not just genius, but well above genius.

Atheists? Generally above average, generally more learned than average. Smart people. Successful.

As Malcolm Gladwell points out, you don't need to be a genius to be successful. He claims there's a cutoff point at which more IQ points no longer provide any extra advantage- around 120 or so. So I have no reason to believe any of the "famous" atheists are thereby genius or anything close. I won't claim to know anything about their abilities, but of all the people I know, the following graph seems to hold

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