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The Secrets of Buying

I've long considered myself a fantastic buyer. Notice I don't say shopper - that alludes to a hobby or form of entertainment. To me, buying is serious business.

Even before I had any serious degree of financial success, many people assumed I was rich because of my material posessions. I guess most people could pull that off by maxing credit cards, but I was actually socking money away for later.

How do I do it? Read on...

The most important thing to remember is value. Sounds obvious, but nearly everyone ignores value on a daily basis. Value means that you're getting the most for your money - not that you're saving the most money necessarily. A Rolex at $1000 might be an incredible value, but a Timex could be a rip off at $150.

Early on a Sunday Morning . . .

On Where Pianos Roam

So, I'm eating this really good granola cereal.  I'm groggy and thoughtful after a long and strenuous week.

Ba humbug.  I was just thinking today that I've been dealing with a lot of people lately who are cheap.  What I mean by this is the kind of folks who prefer to purchase an item or acquire a service for as little an amount as possible--without any regard to the consequences of such a desire.  For them, there is no such thing as a "reasonable" price.   The cheaper the better.  (In fact, why not just get it for free?)  Well, I have to say that this attitude makes me rather ill. 

Because really, if you can't afford to pay for something that's probably already pretty reasonable, maybe you shouldn't be spending money anyway.  Otherwise, there are massive corporate entities like Wal-mart and Dollar General who are willing to exploit your cheapness. 

Okay, this was my rant for the day.  I just needed to get it out of my system.  Yesterday, I spearheaded my family's annual garage sale.  It is our yearly purging of mountains of crap we don't need.  One cheapskate after another kept doing things like trying to shave a dime off of something that was already priced at a quarter.  For the love of Anne of Green Gables, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!  Luckily, there were also people who were happy to pay for items just as they were priced.  God bless these beautiful, amazing people.

In my mind, this brings up another, bigger issue.  Nothing in life is truly free.  At least, the things truly worth having are much harder to come by.  Lately, I've been embracing the idea of only acquiring that which is truly worth having.  For these things, I'm willing pay whatever price exists.   

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