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The Deal With Cheap Vegas Real Estate

As I mentioned in other posts, I've bought a place in Vegas and have officially moved there (although I still spend a lot of my time traveling). Living in Vegas is a weird sort of loophole that most people probably aren't even aware of, so I figured I'd talk about why I decided to do it, and the unique advantages that Vegas presents.

If you work independently or remotely, Vegas is very likely to be a place you should consider moving. If doing so would require you to find a job, Vegas is probably not for you. The job market here is terrible, which is part of why this opportunity exists. That barrier is suppressing demand for housing.

The biggest reason to consider Vegas is the very low cost of living. There's no state income tax, and housing is cheap. Ridiculously cheap. My place would have cost approximately twenty-two times as much if I had bought it in San Francisco. Thats crazy! I bought a 1000 square foot place for under $45,000.

The thing that makes this amazing is the location. My place is six minutes from the airport, eight minutes to the center of the strip, twelve minutes from downtown, and five from Chipotle.

Early On a Sunday Morning: This Is Not Goodbye

On Where Pianos Roam

 I have decided to take an extended break from blogging for a while.  So, this will be my last post here on WPR until some time next year.  This decision has not come easily because I love my little blog.  Other things, however, are calling my attention and will need it undividedly. 

First off, I hope (and pray) that work on my next album of music will get started.  There's a lot involved, and I need to just make it happen. 

Secondly, there's some visual art work that I want to work on as I continue to develop my online art store Tropical Shade of Green.

Then, of course, I've launched a new season of The Adventures of Oreo and Buttercup.  There are ten new episodes up and coming. 

Lastly, I have some living to do.  Being a resident in downtown Nashville is not something that I will take for granted.  I want to take the time to enjoy these surroundings and connect with people.  I love where I live right now, and it's important for me to embrace it all. 

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