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The State of Life Nomadic

Here's what's going on with Life Nomadic. The site still isn't ready, but it's getting close. I also said that it was close a month ago, so take that with a grain of salt.

The primary delay is that the site is being coded by hand from scratch. It's not built on wordpress, drupal, or anything else like that. Todd is custom coding it from the ground up. This means that it takes a lot longer to get ready, but will also be way more advanced than any other site like it.

The second delay is that we basically did zero work for two weeks while we went everywhere in Panama. Can't say I regret that at all.

Alan's Journey - the story of my life

On Alan's Journey

I named this blog Alan's Journey, because it's essentially about my journey through life. The joys I experience, the challenges I face, and the sadnesses I have to deal with (hopefully not too many!).

One of the things I need to do - and I will - is update the Timeline (link above) with various events I've experienced throughout my life. These 'timeline events' will frame future stories I'll be writing, as I recollect the experiences of those events throughout my life. Once the story is written, the timeline event will be linked to it, so that the timeline will be a kind of 'contents' list of my life.

One of the thoughts I've had for many years is that I'll write a book about the story of my life. Maybe I don't need to do a book, just this blog will do. Or maybe this blog will lead to a book.

Who knows? I don't. All I know is that I love writing. I've been doing it for a long time. I've been blogging since 1998. I've been keeping a diary since 1986, that I wrote in regularly. At least until I started blogging on the internet, that is.

Would you believe I almost threw out my diaries a couple months ago? I felt that they weren't important to who I am today. Yes, the experiences of my life have led me to where I am today, but what's important is who I am today, what I do, and how I feel.

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