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The Yoga Disaster

One of the great things about being polyphasic is that my friends are on awful sleep schedules. Some of them stay up until 7am, others wake up at 7am, so at any given time there's a good chance that I have awake friends.

This morning at 7am Hayden calls and asks if I want to do yoga with him. Of course I do. This is the hot yoga, "Bikram", which literally translated means "the most severe torture known to man that somehow hotties can handle".

I hop in my car and head to his place. Hmm. The ride seems a little rough. Not to get too sidetracked, but I thought it would be really cool if I bought 19" rims instead of the stock 16" rims. It looks fantastic, but these stupid wheels have given me nothing but trouble. Literally every single one has gone flat, they have damaged my brakes, etc.

Post #19 - Pushing Through

On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

It rained today... right on me and my bike and all my stuff. I took shelter under a tree, which did less keeping me dry than keeping from being soaked. The rain came on a sunny day. The overcasting clouds dawned upon me and my trip, sending me hiding under the arms of an oak tree.

I'm at my brother's apartment in Hattiesburg after my three day stay in Madison. I didn't intend to take so long, so now my trip is coming down to the wire. After the rain slowed down to a sprinkle and I was drenched in rainwater, I pushed forward on my bike whose tires need changing and other adjustments. I toughed out the light rain on a flat front tire just so I could finally get dry.

Things are starting to fall apart on this trip, but I think if I can just keep going then I'll be alright. But that's the thing, I have to keep going. There's no rain check on this trip. I can't stop.

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