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How To Pack Everything You Own in a 28L Bag

People keep asking for it and I keep meaning to do it, but then we always seem to be in a rush before leaving a country and we don't have time to video me packing my bag.

Japan was a little different, so we finally got it done. Unfortunately Todd's real video camera is broken now and this was taken on his point and shoot, which cuts off at about 10 minutes.

That means that you'll miss the glory of me repacking that one last thing in there. Actually, after packing I realized that I had forgotten my sandals so I repacked the whole thing anyway.

Post #22 - I want my mommy.

On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

I decided not to ride to the coast yesterday. Weather.com showed stormy weather all day, which it kind of did in the latter part of the day. I did decide to leave first thing this morning.

It was a strange feeling to finally see the ocean after spending the past week and a half biking here. I could smell and feel the ocean before I ever saw it – humid, salty, sticky. I knew I had made it, and a surge of accomplishment began to rush through me. Before I knew it I was hollering as loud as I could, riding down the beach. It was a happy moment. But what happened next was the strange part. I missed my family, a lot. I'll even admit that I started to cry a little. Here I was living out the dream I had anxiously waited for all summer, and I was missing my family... I guess I just want them to be here with me in this happy place and moment. Nothing is quite as good when you're alone.

My moral is a better now though. I got some Wendy's in me, and I'm sitting here using their wi-fi to write this post. The hard thing is that I don't know what to do after this. My friend, Paco, is busy, and I don't think his parent's would let me crash there anyways. So I guess I'm just gonna sit here and write until something comes up or they kick me out. That brings up the other hard thing - that I'm not sure where I'll be sleeping tonight... I'm slightly screwed but not entirely. It's raining, and it's supposed to get worse as night comes closer, but I have a hammock, a rain coat, some waterproof tin-foil looking material, and my bike. Unless somebody comes to my rescue, I'll be trying to find a place to hobo for the night, a place with covering where nobody can see me... Lightening just struck, so I really really really hope a place comes up.

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