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How To Pack Everything You Own in a 28L Bag

People keep asking for it and I keep meaning to do it, but then we always seem to be in a rush before leaving a country and we don't have time to video me packing my bag.

Japan was a little different, so we finally got it done. Unfortunately Todd's real video camera is broken now and this was taken on his point and shoot, which cuts off at about 10 minutes.

That means that you'll miss the glory of me repacking that one last thing in there. Actually, after packing I realized that I had forgotten my sandals so I repacked the whole thing anyway.

A Post I Wrote on October 22nd

On Krissy's Adventures

I have been stuck on this past Sunday's sermon for most the week.

Part of it is I finally feel okay about certain things in my life. I feel okay about how I've handled certain situations that others didn't agree with me on. I feel okay and accepted as a Child of God with how I've handled things over the past few months.

And it's a great feeling to feel okay about it.

I understand that I have granted Grace to many people. I've also learned a lot. I've learned how to be a better follower of Christ from the most unlikely of people which has helped me a lot the past few months.

I don't feel as bad for the responses I've given some people. I don't feel bad for walking away when people have been completely rude to me because I knew if I stayed I would've said something else.

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