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Failed Celebrity Pickup : Danielle Fishel

Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge fan of Boy Meets World. With no concept of TV guide or schedules, it was a gift from the heavens above when I would turn on the TV and see the familiar cast. For roughly as long as I was a fan of the show, I had a crush on Topanga - known as Danielle Fishel in real life.

I'm hesitant to post detailed "reports" on meeting women here. Maybe because it's too personal, maybe because it's so easy to misinterpet as mechanical, but for whatever reason I don't love the idea. However, this is a funny story that probably won't offend anyone (except one guy who I don't mind offending.)

The 2004 Pickup Artist Convention, which I had organized, was held in Los Angeles, CA. Normally I'm rather lazy about going out and meeting people. I find it very frustrating to find women I'm genuinely interested in, and the allure of talking to women for practice is much less than it was when I first got into the Pickup Artist thing.

Girls and girls and wow girls

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

Wow girls. Wow. Just chill. Seriously. Oh and by the way, while reading this post, it may be best to just think of me as like...gender fluid or something ._. Cuz that might help haha XD

Ok so yesterday I went out to a party with a couple of my friends, just chilled, played games, ate pizza, nothing too interesting. Normally I spend most of my time (out of school, considering I go to an all girls' school ._.) with guys, so I guess spending time just sitting down and talking with girls my age put some thoughts into perspective.

Its not that I don't spend time with girls, I guess its more that I don't talk to them as much? So the thoughts and viewpoints most common to me are that of my male friends. It was the first time in ages that I talked about errr...stereotypically girly topics? Ok wait, just to point out I'm going to be pretty sexist generalizing all female behaviour but its only me looking at stereotypes and the behaviour of the girls around me, not anyone else okies~ so please don't go getting offended :)

One of the games we played was Paranoia, not a very interesting game in its essence but it can be really funny depending on how you play it and we ended up playing for maybe a good hour or so and it was hilarious so I had a great time~ but its basically based around judging other people or creating an image or opinion of them. Not saying that's wrong but hmmm only ever played that with girls, and from what I've seen anyways, guys just aren't as bothered about other people's opinions of them.

It was pretty interesting though that said, funny to see what people think of me :3

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