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"But I Love My Sleep!"

Alright, rocketeers... this post is on a subject that's near and dear to my heart.

Whenever people hear about the polyphasic sleep schedule, they come up with reasons they couldn't do it. I don't know why... It's really awesome and everyone should want to do it. By far the most common excuse is :

"But I love my sleep. I would never want to give it up."

The Root

On The Lovely Seahorse

Fear is the root of hate. I hate..."hate" because I fear it and what it leads to. Why do I fear? What is the root of fear? Not being able to comprehend? Oh, I remember hearing that fear comes from not having the power to control something/someone...so where does the desire for control and power come from? Is it insecurity? or something else? I do not come into contact with love as much as the potential opportunity to. We live in a culture that never was based on love. So, can I say we don't know all aspects of love? We do not know love. I want to know love, I can't live without it. If I never received, heard, or felt it when I was born, I would have died. So, is it safe to say I am dying because love is not a stranger, but only those I have known, at least in this culture I've grown in, that is the definition. It is not the truth. It is not the truth. Can't you see we've missed it? We've missed so much of the truth. I have missed so much of the truth and see that the truth lives inside me. I can't rely on the outside to feed me the truth because we are all scrambling around with our own personal "truths" locked in our minds instead of one soul, one love.

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