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Letting Myself Quit

I did something really scary and dangerous today. I let myself quit.

It's the second day of my Month-of-Pickup, an intensive course correction aimed towards making myself extraverted and social again.

Yesterday was the first day. My friend and I set a goal of doing eight approaches each. We did it just as the mall closed, running around frantically looking for girls to approach. I was scared going in, but left feeling good.

Goal #1: Positive Reinforcement

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I'm going to start a section of goals that I have for myself because I often have many but never write them down.

I heard a shocking "statistic" at Yellowstone Academy (which I visited as part of my summer job): Kids from pretty well-off families hear around 7 positive comments for every one negative comment. On the other hand, those from not so well-off families hear around two negative comments for every positive one.

In fact, positive comments are awesome. At the place I work, we give each other "Kudos" - which is pretty much a "You're Awesome" with a short note. I won't lie - they are definitely a fantastic part of my day! Positive comments help relations so much - one of my coworkers explained to me the effect of it and how it truly motivates others. He used the example of Mike K and Duke basketball.

I feel like I'm pretty sarcastic sometimes; I don't want to stop being sarcastic, but I definitely want to attempt and go out of my way to compliment others. It may not help me, but I know it feels great to receive one. I would love to make the people around me happier so it's official: Goal #1 - Positive Reinforcement

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