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Just Sufficing Sucks

On Tynan

It might surprise most readers to know that I actually had a pretty great time in school. I learned a lot, made great friends, and had some very good teachers. There are a lot of positive aspects of school that should be preserved even in alternatives.

What I don't like about school, though, is the incentive structure it presents to students. School teaches all sorts of bad things like doing work to please others, submitting to arbitrary authority, and my least favorite of all: doing the bare minimum.

The first two I dodged somehow, but doing the bare minimum is ingrained somewhere in my brain. It doesn't rear it's head all that often, but when it does, it's ugly.

And, to be clear, I don't blame school for it. It's my own responsibility to condition my mind and to not fall prey to bad habits, and I failed to do that in school. So maybe I was out in the cold, but it was my own fault I didn't bring a jacket.

Messages and Messenger


It's probably my fault.

Certainly, I've entangled myself quite a lot in what I'm saying. The message and messenger are one?

But, they should not be. Who am I? We could discuss it. It's kind of interesting, to me at least. But who I am is much less important than what I'm saying -

The Truth.

I'm trying to lay it out. True. Sincere. Unfiltered.

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